Project ABB Robot

We have several projects running with an ABB IRB120 robot, on this page we'll display a few examples and source codes of projects done so far.

ABB software and quickstart

We use RobotStudio with RobotWare to simulate and program the IRB120, this software can be found on the following website:

To get familiar with the ABB RobotStudio we recommend to do the "Courseware Manuals - Learning the basics" from ABB. And also view the getting started on the ABB website:

Communicating with LabView over TCP/IP

In this section we'll describe how to use LabVIew in combination with IRC5 RobotController (with Rapid code). In this example we used a workstation connected to the IRC5 controller with an ethernet cable through the service port of the controller.

Details controller:
IP-address ->
Port -> 1025

Details computer:
IP-address -> (static)
Port -> 1025
Make sure your firewall doesn't block any communication through this port.

We used socket messaging to send/receive data between the controller and our workstation.