IFM 3D sensor O3D201 quickstart

The information about the 3d-sensor can be found here:

The software is available from the following link (pmd3d - O3D201 - Camera, Operating Software efector):

As an example we used a coffee mug , the logarithmic intensity map can be seen in figure 1. The distance map from two angles can be seen in figure 2 and 3. The perspective map can be seen in figure 4 and 5.
Figure 1: Logarithmic intensity map coffee mug

Figure 2: Distance map coffee mug
Figure 3: Distance map coffee mug

Figure 5: Perspective map coffee mug

Figure 6: Perspective map coffee mug

The wiring can be seen in figure 7. The U+ is 24[VDC] ±10%
Figure 7: Wiring IFM O3D201

Configuring your computer
To connect to the 3d-sensor you need to manually configure the IP-address and subnet mask of your computer.
Adjust your IP-address to and subnet mask to (see figure 8).
Figure 8: IP-settings

Open the software (efector pmd3d camera 1.0) and go to 'connections -> IP Address'. The default IP address of the IFM is Click connect to setup a connection between your computer and the IFM 3d sensor (see figure 9). After this you should be able to see the images from the 3d-sensor.
Figure 9: Settings for communication