Fieldlab Flexible Manufacturing

Fontys is partner in the "Fieldlab Flexible Manufacturing" project and participates in several workpackages. Preliminary results are published here.

Workpackage Binpicking

At the beginning of this project the Proof of Concept could locate a product (bolt) presented in a bin and transfer it to the 2D-vision system that determines the type of object through the use of a 2D camera that takes a picture. After that the robot picks up the product and places it on the desired output location. During this project Fontys will work on making the set-up more reliable and flexible (to be able to use it with different types op products).

Current set-up:
total setup.JPG

The UR5 program that is used works like a state machine after the initialization is done (beforestart routine). We have defined the following states:
  • 1 -> Pick
  • 2 -> 2D inspection
  • 3 -> drop
  • Default -> error handler



For the gripper a Robotiq gripper is used with custom finger tips (they are interchangeable for different products).

The following bin-intake mechanism is used:

For 3D vision the pick-it system is used and coupled to the existing the setup.

For the 2D vision a "curtain" is used to shield environmental light to keep 2D-vision processing straight-forward and fast.

Example below without and with usage of curtain (no additional processing has been done at this point):